Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who understand men??


Who the hell understand men ???

- If you are sweet to them, you are just silly
- If not, you are insensible
- If you are not on fashion, you are careless
- If you take care about yourself and you are on fashion, you just want to flirt with others
- If you do not have a job, you are just a housewife
- If you have one (and in addition you earn more than them), they get angry
- If they always pay, it´s an abuse
- If you alway pay, they feel useless
- If you have sex with them, you are such a bitch !
- If you don´t have sex with them, it is because you don´t love them enough
- If they get better in their job, it´s because their abilities
- If you get better in your job, surely it´s because you fucked your boss
- If they look at other women, it´s because nature made them like that
- If you look at othe men, you are such a bitch !
- If you have a relationship with a man who has no money, you are such a silly !
- If you have a relationship with a millionaire, you are an opportunist
- If at the age of 30 men didn´t get marry still, they are single treasured
- If at the age of 30 you didn´t get marry still, your time it´s over
- If you are in a bad moods, you are a neurotic
- If they are in a bad mood, poor guys !!!!!! You do not understand them !!!!!!!!
- If you are ugly, they don´t even talk to you
- If you are pretty and inteligent, they are afraid about you
- If they are infidel and after you realise it, you still are together with them, more stupid you can not be !!
- If after their infidelity, you kick them and spit at them, ohhh, you really have low patience !
- If they have a lover, it´s because they do not get at home what they really need
- If you have a lover ....ahhhhh you are such a bitch !!!
- If they are together with a younger woman, juhuuuu !!, bravo!!, congratulations !!
- If you are together with a younger man, it´s because you need a "favour"
- If they are intolerant, you must understand them, ... they only had a bad day
- If you are intolerant, surely it´s because you are in one of "those monthly days ...."
- If you do not coddle them, kiss them, smile at them, do the food for them, clean the flat for them, keep the clothes clean, you are such a useless woman !!
- If you do so, they will soon change you for another woman, because you are just a HOUSEWIFE !!!

And after reading that .... do they still say that women are complicated ???

今日の教訓 やっぱりインターナショナルに難しいのでした。

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