Thursday, October 13, 2011

ところでCredit Unionって何?

この前大手銀行がデビットカードでの買物に手数料をかけるという話をした。Direct Deposit(給料の直接振り込み)先を私の好きなFidelity MySmart(最近名前をFidelity Cash Management accountに変更)に変更した。徐々に大手銀行から離れつつある私である。

銀行を大手から小さい所に変更するという話がFI planningで盛り上がっているのだが、その中にCredit Union(信用共同組合)の話が出ていた。
今更だけれど、Credit Unionと銀行の違い何?(笑)
ということでウィキペディア。Credit Unionより引用。

Differences from other financial institutions
Credit unions differ from banks and other financial institutions in that the members who have accounts in the credit union are the owners of the credit union[15] and they elect their board of directors in a democratic one-person-one-vote system regardless of the amount of money invested in the credit union.[16]

A credit union's policies governing interest rates and other matters are set by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by and from the membership itself.[17] Credit unions offer many of the same financial services as banks, often using a different terminology; common services include: share accounts (savings accounts), share draft accounts (checking accounts), credit cards, share term certificates (certificates of deposit), and online banking.[2]

Normally, only a member of a credit union may deposit money with the credit union, or borrow money from it.[2] As such, credit unions have historically marketed themselves as providing superior member service and being committed to helping members improve their financial health. In the microfinance context, "credit unions provide a broader range of loan and savings products at a much cheaper cost [to their members] than do most microfinance institutions".[18]

1.メンバー(お金を預ける人のこと)だけがCredit Unionにお金を預けることが出来て、メンバーだけがそこからお金を借りる事ができる。
2.メンバーが一人一人投票権を持っていて、トップ(Board of directors)を決めることができる。



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今日の教訓 私もCredit Unionに乗り換えようかしらーーーー。

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